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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
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The Sabbath School Department was established as a major setting for religious education in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It exists to teach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. To honor this original purpose, the Sabbath School Department communicates the good news with the objective to win, hold, and train for Jesus Christ, men, women, youth, boys and girls, throughout the world.

Sabbath School starts at 9:30am with inspirational songs, Words of Encouragement and Prayer.  Everyone is welcomed to participate and gain a blessing.

Beginner/Kindergarten 0 - 5 years CE Hall
Primary 6 - 8 years CE Hall
Junior 9 - 10 years CE Hall
Youth 11 - 17 years Lounge
Adults over 18 yrs Sanctuary


Spiritual Gift Assement

 Do you know your spiritual gift?

The Lord has equipped you with at least one gift.
We encourage you to take the assessment and see what your gift might just be.
Click on image below to go to the Spiritual Gift Assessment Form